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How It Works

Cincinnati Communications now offers you a choice of two innovative services - Cincinnati Broadband® and Cincinnati Voice®.
Our revolutionary technology uses your existing power outlets in every room of your home or office to deliver high-speed Internet access and affordable telephone service. There's no special equipment attached to your home and no complicated wiring to your computer or phone.
Cincinnati Broadband provides high-speed access to the Internet from your power outlets with a special power line modem. Simply connect the modem to your computer with a standard Ethernet cord and then plug the modem directly into a power outlet. We send you eveything you need - it's that easy!

Cincinnati Voice also works with our special power line modem.  Simply connect the supplied modem and telephone adapter to any standard corded or cordless phone. If you'd like to use your existing phones with Cincinnati Voice, contact Customer Support at 1.877.7PLUGIN for FREE installation. You can even transfer your existing telephone number to use with our service! 
Cincinnati Communications is changing the way we work and play with simple, reliable service. We focus on the customer.